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Incheon International Airport Transit Tour Program
Are you planning to fly a long distances? Why not compliment your journey with a Transit & Stopover in Seoul!

TA-001 Temple Tour (1 hour) PRICE : US$10.00
Incheon Airport - Yonggungsa Temple - Incheon Airport Founded in AD670, tenth years of the reign of King Munmu during the Shilla Dynasty, Yonggungsa Temple is famous for its 1300 years old zelkova tree, 11 meters hign statue of Buddha, and the tablet “Yonggungsa” in Yosachaee written by Heungseon Daewongun.
TA-002 Wolmido Tour (3 hours) PRICE : US$60.00
Incheon Airport - Yonggungsa Temple - Yeongjong Wharf - Incheon Airport
TA-003 Incheon City Tour (4 hours) PRICE : US$40.00
Incheon Airport - Yeongjong Wharf - Womido - China Town - Freedom Park - Incheon Airport
TA-004 Seoul City Tour 1 (5 hours) PRICE : US$50.00
Incheon Airport - Gyeongbokgung Palace(or Deoksoo Palace on Tuesday) -Insadong - Cheonggyecheon - Incheon Airport
TA-005 DMZ & the 3rd Tunnel Tour (5 hours) PRICE : US$60.00
Incheon Airport - The 3rd Tunnel - Dorasan Observatory - Dorasan Station - Imjingak - Freedom Bridge - Incheon Airport
You can tour the 3rd Tunnel at DMZ where you can experience the history of Korean division
TA-006 Night Hotel Pack (Stopover tour) PRICE : US$140.00
After staying one night in a semi-A class hotel in Incheon or Seoul, you will tour downtown Seoul. This program is designed for stop-over passengers who arrive at night who want to take reat for the night and enjoy Seoul city tour next day.

Above are quoted in US$ per person based on min. 2paying(**4paying) persons.